Most Common Asked Questions by Parent....

My child will lost baby teeth anyway, why do they need to be treated when there are cavities?

Baby teeth are important to child's smile, chewing, speech development and overall well being. They are foundation for the permanent teeth. Existing baby teeth guide the proper eruption of adult teeth. Untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth infection, pain, and lost of tooth prematurely. Therefore, we need to take good care of those baby teeth.


How important is a child's dental check up?

Our goal is prevent cavities, gum infection and monitor eruption of their adult teeth. We check for bite problem and provide timely referral for orthodontic treatment. Preventing dental caries is enhanced by fluoride in the dental paste that is used to clean your child's teeth and topical fluoride gel applied to the teeth after cleaning. The professional application of fluoride every 6 months can reduced dental decay by as much as 40-60%. Placing dental sealants on those hard to reach molar or premolar area will also prevent tooth decay.

How long will my child be numb after dental treatment?

Local anesthetic usually lasted around 2-3 hours. When feeling begins to return, a child often wants to bite their cheek, lip, and tongue to relieve the tingling sensation. Therefore parent need to watch them very closely and make sure they don't chew into their tissue.


What should I do with bleeding after baby tooth falls out?

Have your child bite on a clean folded cloth or gauze for 15 minutes and make sure your child is resting. Repeat this if necessary


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