What type of dental filling should I choose?

Amalgam filling


It had been used for century for good reasons. It is very easy to place and highly resistant to wear. In fact it can withstand very high chewing force that it is particular useful as filling material for molar where chewing force is greatest. It is very cost effective. As for controversy regarding safety of the mercury content of this materials, CDC, FDA, WHO, and US Public Health have been satified with its safety.


Tooth colored filling or composite filling


It is useful for smaller to mid-size filling on the area when chewing force is moderate. Advantage of tooth colored filling is its natural appearance and required less tooth structure removal as it is bonded to the tooth. Cost is more than silver filling since it required longer time to place. It will stain, discolored and wear over time.


Porcelain inlay, onlay


 It have very high esthetic value since it is made of all ceramic material. It will require 2 appointments. It is proned to fracture when place under tension or impaction. Strength of this material depend on its thickness and ability to bond to the tooth. It is highly resistant to wear and stain. It also cost the most.


Information from ADA.


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