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Dental Emergency and Injuries

We know accident and emergency can happen.  Here are some tips on what to do.


What happen if tooth was knocked out completely?


Adult tooth-Hold the tooth by its crown and rinse it out with water to removed debris and dirt. Do not scrub the tooth to avoid removing any soft tissue that may still attached to it. Gently insert the tooth back into socket . If unable to do that, put the tooth in a cup of milk and call us ASAP. If baby tooth was knocked out, do not insert the tooth into the socket. That may damage permanent tooth underneath. Call our office for evaluation.


What happen if tooth is broken or displaced?


Rinse your mouth out with warm water than put cold compress on the area of swelling. When we see you, we'll attempt to reposition, splint, and repair your tooth.




If face is swollen because of tooth infection, it could be life threatening. You need to go to a hospital emergency room immediately if experiencing difficulty in breathing. Put cold compress on the face until you can see a doctor. Call our office for emergency appointment to evaluate the extent of infection and proper treatment.


Cold/canker sores


Occasionally some people suffer cold sores around the lip and canker sore in the mouth. These sores usually take about 7 to 14 days to heal. There are some products in your local pharmacy the help relieve the pain. If sores do not subside, call our office for evaluation.




There are a number of prevention measure you can take. With sports a mouth guard will protect teeth from accidental blow to the mouth and jaw. As with crack or chipped tooth, avoid chewing on hard object or food item such as ice, hard candy, etc.


Accident and emergency do happen, we are here to provide emergency dental care for you.  

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