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Experience the DifferenceMilpitas Family and Cosmetic DentistFei Hwang, D.D.S.  408-729-7882

Family Dentistry

General and Family Dentist in Milpitas


Your family's dental health is the reason we are here! We are very much a general dental practice focusing on family dentistry. Patient of all ages sees us for everything from regular check up to complex restoration procedure. We'll give you the meticulous attention you deserve.


Dental Fillings


Cavities, broken filling, discolored dental filling or fractured tooth structure should be taking care of as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of your teeth. All dental fillings eventually break down and need replacement due to daily grinding and chewing. Variety of options are available for filling, which included tooth colored filling, porcelain inlay and onlay.



Porcelain Crown and Bridge


Bridge is a traditional way of replace missing teeth by using existing teeth as anchors. Another treatment choice for replacement of missing teeth is dental implant. As for tooth with large filling, broken down tooth structure or root canal treatment, porcelain crown or cap is used to protect tooth to prevent fracture.


worn out denture

Partial and Complete Denture


Another option of replace missing teeth is with partial removable denture. With complete edentulous patient, complete denture is treatment option.


new denture

With advancement of dental implants, they they can be use to provide stability and retention of complete denture, especially for those who had difficulty with upper and lower complete denture retention. It can improve the way you chew your food and the way you smile.


Root Canal


If you tooth is damaged by decay, fracture, or trauma, you can save it by having root canal procedure done. It is a very predictable treatment with good success.





Dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth. It anchors a replacement tooth allowing you to chew and speak naturally. Dr. Hwang will evaluated if you are qualified canidate for dental implant procedure and will work with a specialist to make sure your treatment will go as smoothly as possible.



Mouth and Night Guard


Individual who are involved in contact sport such as hockey, basketball, football, etc, should have a custom sports guard made to prevent premature tooth loss and damage. For those with a habit of clinching and grinding their teeth, a mouth guard is needed to prevent further wear of your tooth structure.


Periodontal Care



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