Dental X- Ray

Our office use digital x-rays which reduce exposure by as much as 90% and we use lead apron with thyroid collar to protect you. Dental x-ray is a very safe diagnostic tool.

X-ray are useful to our patient and dentist because


It helps us find decay between your teeth, underneath existing old filling and around crown margin.

It helps us diagnose abscess, cysts, and tumors.

It helps us discover root infections and developmental abnormalities.

It helps us evaluate bone support and periodontal disease.


Below are some comparison of dental radiograph to other source of radiation.


Source Exposure                                  (mSv)

•Dental full mouth series (18 films)          0.150
•Dental bitewing (4 films)                        0.038
•Exposure from natural sources in US      3.000
•Computed tomography abdomen          10.000
•Upper GI tract                                      2.000
•Mammography                                      0.700
•Chest x-ray                                          0.100

mSv (millisievert) is scientific unit of measurement for radiation dose.


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